personal purpose discovery


ideal group size:

12 - 24 participants

available in half-day, one-day, and two-day formats


matt dunsmoor

personal purpose discovery

Designed for people who want to discover the best version of themselves and live more intentionally.

When we have a clear picture of what the best, most-fulfilled version of ourselves looks like, we can connect and commit more fully and authentically to the world around us, including things like our work, our relationships, and our communities. When we are at our natural best, doing work that matters to us, we are more fulfilled, more productive, healthier, and more innovative. This is obviously good for us personally, but it also makes a huge impact on those around us.



This workshop helps each participant articulate their own Statement of Purpose (SOP) that's rooted in the experiences that have shaped the best version of them. Thoee moments become the foundation we each stand on to live in greater alignment with our personal values. Grow as a person and a leader through this transformative experience!



Master the Golden Circle
Using the model of Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle," you will establish a foundational knowledge of every level of the Golden Circle and how they work together to shape the unique human that is you.

Develop a Statement of Purpose and candidates for action

You will leave the workshop with a first and even a second draft of your authentically crafted Statement of Purpose. You'll also learn about your personal value set and you'll even walk out with some starting points for immediate application of this newfound knowledge. 

New relationships. New perspectives.

No one can identify what their best is all alone. We need another perspective to help bring us some clarity. Over the course of the day, you will have intimate and insightful conversations centered around helping each other get clarity on what matters most to you. The connection that comes from digging into our stories lays the groundwork for strong bonds to form between people who may never have otherwise crossed paths!

what people are saying

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to companies of any size. We found it to be a really good use of our time and have been able to put it to work for us. Thank you!"

Grahm k.


"Matt was great! As a growing company still trying to define itself, this session helped a lot with gathering the feelings of the group and finding a 'why' that felt like home."

Chaz g.


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