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Improve Your Culture

Culture Design Sprint

For teams that have a good grasp on their purpose & values and want a deeper dive on intentionally designing their team culture.

overview & highlights

This workshop is very different from the purpose and values workshops that precede it, in that it is primarily focused on brainstorming and problem-solving.


While we will lay some conceptual groundwork at the front, most of the day will be focused on defining challenges to implementing your purpose and values and drafting solutions. For this workshop, don't just invite the "leadership team" bring along your culture advocates from across your organisation, so we can get a well-rounded perspective!


Matt Dunsmoor

your facilitator

ideal group size

15-25 participants


available in one-day or two-day formats

also available in shorter formats virtually!


Opportunity Mapping

To know where we're going, we need an accurate picture of where we're currently at. Before going into solution mode, we will sit down and make an organizational map of current processes and traditions, ranging from things like hiring and firing to your marketing practices.


Cross-functional problem solving

Using the map as a blueprint for problem-solving throughout the day, you'll break into small, cross-functional teams that will explore each area, citing assets, potential conflicts, roadblocks, and solutions for bringing the values to life. 


Defining accountability and measurement

Once we have a solid list of solutions, you'll prioritize it and set some initial milestones and deadlines for implementation. After that, we'll talk about how to set up meaningful metrics to track progress.

what people say

"Matt has a great speaking presence – he put everyone in the room at ease from the start and we were able to dive in and be productive immediately – it was a great investment of a full day workshop!"

—  Amy, tempur sealy international

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