grow the movement

Want a little extra income while helping create a more human-focused future of work?
 If you connect us with someone who ends up becoming a client, we'll give you $75 USD for your trouble 😎 Details below:

Step #1

identify a lead

Do you know someone that is putting together any of these in the near future? 

  • A conference

  • A company all-hands meeting 

  • A leadership/team offsite

  • A workshop

  • A community event

  • ...or do you know anyone who manages Learning and Development initiatives at their organization?


If so, we'd like to chat with them! 

Step #2

make an introduction

First, reach out to your friend to make sure that they're the correct person to contact and if it's alright to connect them with us. No one likes getting the email equivalent of a, "Hey, have you met my friend..?" handoff at the bar.


After you've gotten the green light, contact Reshma, our Head of Customer Success, and give her a little background on the organization/event as well as your contact. You can do this via email


Once you've given her the heads-up, make an official email introduction and we'll take it from there! 

Step #3

get paid

If the opportunity ends up leading to a signed event contract, we'll pay you $75 USD as soon as we get that signature. BOOM.

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