The Octopy Podcast - Episode 3: "Is 'Self-Management' Just Another Word for Chaos?"

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

This Week's Host: Matt Dunsmoor

This Week's Guest: Paul Walker

A Quick Synopsis:

“Self-management” and “self-organization” have recently become more popular as organizational structures, but most still don’t know what it means. Explanations can often be too vague, unreasonably idealistic, or highly complex. We will break down what it means, what these concepts really entail, and how to reap the benefits.

Some of the Highlights:

  1. What does “self-management” and “self-organization” mean

  2. How Holacracy relates to self-management in general

  3. What to do if you are considering transitioning your company to self-management

  4. How to implement self-management in a risk-free, convenient way

  5. The importance of providing clear job expectations in order to create autonomy

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