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The Octopy Podcast - Episode 2: "Let's Talk Sustainability!"

This Week's Host: Matt Dunsmoor

This Week's Guest: Jean Larkin

A Quick Synopsis:

In this episode, Matt and Jean return to talk about one of Jean's biggest passions: sustainability. This podcast features one serious eco-geek a decade into green living (a.k.a. Jean) chatting with a curious, very novice tree-hugger (a.k.a. Matt) about everything from learning simple steps towards sustainability, to implementing them, exploring corporate values, breaking "hippie" stereotypes, and the multi-sectionality of environmentalism.

Some of the Highlights:

  1. There isn’t always a single catalyst, there are often a variety of unique and shared experiences that lead folks into learning and caring more about sustainability.

  2. Apathy & Accountability; in a time when so many folks reject what is difficult to embrace simplicity -- how you view and frame the sustainability movement has real effects on it’s evolution.

  3. Eco-Warrior Stereotypes: dirty hippies who rock bright lipstick and close multinational corporate deals. There is no one size fits all.

  4. Minimalism vs Capitalism; being honest, transparent and making more sustainable choices in production and purchases can be a huge business win, on top of being better for the planet. Don’t forget progress over perfection!

Una Cosita Más:

Want to do something? Unsure where to start? Overwhelmed and or super busy?

  1. Look at your trash and just be honest. Don’t keep buying food you may want but never finish and end up throwing away.

  2. If your food is in tons of plastic wrap, do a quick check for bulk stores or farmers markets to eliminate your plastic consumption. Pick one thing you can reduce!

  3. Meat free Mondays or going plant-based for a week can always help reduce your carbon footprint.

  4. Seek out and support local small businesses before logging onto the big box retailer websites.

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