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The Octopy Podcast - Episode 1: "Octopy: Origins"

This Week's Host: Jean Larkin

This Week's Guest: Matt Dunsmoor

A Quick Synopsis:

In this episode, Jean Larkin (Head of Growth at Octopy) sits down with Octopy Founder/CVO Matt Dunsmoor to talk about the inspiration behind the company. During the conversation Jean & Matt discuss everything from the company name to the logo, as well as what’s the big vision behind the organization and what the heck we mean when we talk about creating a “Human-Focused” future of work.

Some of the Highlights:

  1. The name Octopy came from the realization that in many cultures, the octopus is a symbol of cunning, adaptability, and wisdom. And with multiple brains and hearts, it’s an ideal representation of the empathy and autonomy we’re trying to build within organizations.

  2. The Octo-creature is the brainchild of our Head Designer, Cassie Gonzales

  3. The big vision for Octopy currently consists of three areas:

    1. Content: Trainings, workshops, keynote speeches, consulting, and courses on how to become a more human-focused organization and leader.

    2. Software: To help companies more effectively implement and sustain the desired changes, Octopy is working on creating software that makes focusing on your people second nature and a genuine service to the business. (This is also why the website is a “.io” domain. Octopy plans to be a tech-first company in the years to come)

    3. Community Spaces: Octopy hopes to create physical co-working style spaces where organizations who are operating in a more traditional style within smaller markets/cities can experiment with many of these concepts in a hands-on, risk-free environment with their employees.

  4. At its core, a human-focused organization is one that refuses to sacrifice people for the sake of its numbers.

  5. Matt’s dream project would be building the ideal Octopy team.

Links From This Episode:

  • Learn more about the Octopy team here.

  • Learn more about the practices and tenets that make up a human-focused organization here.

  • Buy Octopy gear featuring the adorable octo-creature and more on Threadless and on Teemill.

  • Buy Simon Sinek’s most recent book, The Infinite Game here.

  • Check out more about Adam Ruins Everything here.

The Octopy Podcast Is Available On:

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