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Paul Walker

Organizational Development Specialist

About Paul

Paul is inspired by those who want to do things differently in order to have happier employees and more efficient organizations. He spent seven and a half years at Fortune 100 member and company culture trailblazer, where he implemented self-management principles, such as Holacracy and Teal, while improving organizational development and employee experience initiatives.

Paul specializes in making change convenient. That means making change simple, easy, and with minimal risks. He is a firm believer that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars and several years overhauling your business to shift your culture. With a few changes at a comfortable pace, you can transform your organization into the vision you’ve always had for it.

workshops & keynotes


Making Change Convenient

Organizational change doesn't need to be complicated or difficult. Find out how to lead change in a way that helps your team face challenges together positively.


Want something custom?

Feel like Paul is the right fit for your team, but you're looking for something that we haven't mentioned? Let's talk!


The Art of Expectation-Setting in Self-Management

The lure and promises of self-management have the potential to set your transition up for unwarranted failure. Learn how to manage the expectations in your org so that you are set up for success.

what people are saying

"Paul and I worked on the NRG campus event in Rotterdam in 2018. I had the pleasure of participating with him in the workshops. In his workshops Paul interacts pleasantly with the participants. He makes the whole concept of Holacracy non-threatening and actually the most natural thing to do."

—  Erik, Lecturer/Course Coordinator at Industrial Engineering & Management