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The Octopy Embodiments

Company culture is core to an organization's identity. It's how we agree to approach everything- our relationships, product development, copywriting, marketing, hiring & firing, benefits, training, etc. At Octopy, we are focused on creating a sense of safety within our team and with our clients, where practicing our Core Tenets is made easier by a mindset that supports these principles. These Embodiments are our commitment to you and to each other about how we approach work and play together. 

How we promise to show up


Grounded Optimism

How we practice this:

  • We assume positive intent from each other

  • We default to trust instead of suspicion

  • We remember to have a laugh along the way 



How we practice this:

  • We take ownership of our roles and decisions

  • We embody possibility

  • We each own the culture

  • We respect each others' autonomy

  • We honor our commitments 


Genuine Care & Togetherness

How we practice this:

  • We make time to connect

  • We seek advice from one another

  • We build each other up

  • We team up against the problem

  • We honor our differences

  • We share feedback with care & honesty


Curiosity & Growth

How we practice this:

  • We embody Learnership

  • We take an experimental mindset

  • We ask before we assume


Honesty & Openness

How we practice this:

  • We embrace vulnerability

  • We share alternate perspectives

  • We have a conversation before we make a judgment

  • We seek out feedback

  • We provide visibility into our projects and decisions

  • We set and respect personal boundaries 


Sound like a culture you'd like to be a part of? 
Say hello!

We're always looking for others who are passionate about helping us build this future together. 

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