Matt Dunsmoor

Founder + Chief Vision Officer

Matt envisions a world where work is a source of fulfillment for the majority and not just the select few. That's why everything he does is aimed at giving people and organizations the tools to help fix the workplace experience and focus on their people. 

As the Founder and Chief Vision Officer of octopy, Matt has been neck-deep in the "workplace of tomorrow" for years, working at places like corporate culture trailblazer and with leadership development factory Simon Sinek Inc.


A former product manager and evolutionary workplace coach, Matt specializes in company culture, innovation, purpose, and leadership development. His lighthearted approach, wide array of work experience, and ability to illustrate complex subjects with simple, everyday examples allows Matt to deliver powerful messages that resonate with audiences across the board.

workshops & keynotes

Leading an Innovative Culture

Find out how leaders can create a team environment that supports innovation.

Crafting Values

Help your team bring the org's Why to life by drafting a set of simple, clear, action-oriented values.

Team Purpose Session

Define and articulate an authentic statement of purpose that genuinely inspires your team.

The Future of Work Is Human

Learn how great leaders, companies, and organizations inspire action, and how you can do the same.

Culture Design Sprint

Take your Purpose and Values and put them into daily practice with this Culture Design Sprint.

Finding "Best You"

Get a clear vision and articulation of what the best version of yourself is so that you can live more intentionally.

what people are saying

"I had very little in terms of expectations for how the workshop was going to be run and had only heard "you have to do this workshop, it's amazing!" After completing the workshop, I can confirm that it is in fact amazing, but also a serious introspective look on yourself. Be prepared to get a little emotional, but in the end, you leave with a purpose statement, which will be uplifting and guiding. Can't thank Matt enough for taking us through this experience and for being an awesome facilitator with great insights!" 

—  Sara, Programs Manager at Remote Year

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