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Mariah N.

Speaker, Coach, and Facilitator

Mariah a social innovator with a passion for helping emerging leaders embrace their collective courage. She is a lifelong learner and focuses primarily on power dynamics--how they play a role in our relationships, our organizations, and our everyday lives. She puts this knowledge into practice throughout not only her work life, but as a parent as well. Her hope is to help steward each of us toward a more life-affirming future of work, while inspiring each of us to own our role and impact in creating that future. 

She is a true dot-connector, taking in vast amounts of information and helping distill them down into simple, clear, understandable concepts. Mariah is passionate about social justice, sustainability,  and promoting harmonious environments and mindsets. Put her passion and knowledge to work for you and your team! 

Mariah's content


Power Theory

To create healthy distribution and application of power within your organization or team, we first need to understand what power actually is,  and its role in our lives.


Trauma-Informed Power Dynamics

Each of us has faced varying types of trauma in our lives. But do we actually understand the ripple effects it can have? Do we know how to lead others who might be facing trauma currently? 


Implementing Healthy Power Dynamics

Next, we can help you craft an environment that reinforces healthy power dynamics and discourages unhealthy ones. 


Want something custom?

Feel like Mariah is the right fit for your team, but you're looking for something that we haven't mentioned? Let's talk!

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