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Inspire Your People

Leading an Innovative Culture

We all talk about making our companies and teams "more innovative," but what does that really mean and how do we actually do it?

overview & highlights

Learn what it takes to create an environment where your team members can truly unleash their ideas in this honest and invigorating look at the almighty buzzword: "innovation." Attendees can expect to leave this keynote excited, optimistic, and well-equipped to become the types of leaders that enable innovation at every turn. 


Matt Dunsmoor

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ideal group size

25+ attendees


45 -90 mins*
*additional breakout activities available


Examine the key pillars

The foundation of innovative company cultures is laid upon two primary pillars: Shared Identity and Trust. During this talk, we will discuss what each one means and what it takes to create them.


Clear the clutter

When getting people to imagine more, many of the things we typically use as motivation or inspiration are what is actually getting in our way. We'll talk about what needs to be in the innovation conversation and what does more harm than good.


Learn the science

When it comes to motivation, management theory is no match for human biology. Building a work environment that nourishes & directs healthy brain chemistry is core to unleashing your team's potential.

what people say

"I really enjoyed it and am amazed at how easy it is to apply—how the physiology of change can be manipulated at no real cost!"

—  Tammy, blue sky thinking

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