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Kimberly Ming

Speaker and Facilitator

Kimberly's true passion is to connect people through exploring issues of race, identity, and culture. She wants to create a world that will encourage others to be more aware, caring, and accepting of individuals when they encounter someone of a different culture or background.

Growing up in a family of Chinese and Puerto Rican heritage while in Northern Colorado has given Kimberly a cultural perspective unlike anyone else's. Her work in the creation of "The LatinAsian" found on Youtube, has been internationally recognized for the ways it challenges concepts of culture and race. 

In 2017, Kimberly founded MixdGen--short for “Mixed Generation,” to create pathways, resources, and products for mixed people. Additionally, her work has taken her to the stages of Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen, TEDx, the National Association of Ethnic Studies Conference, and other national stages, and she is continuing her journey of connection and inspiration across the world.

workshops & keynotes


Understanding the Impacts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Help the leaders in your organization understand the differences and significance of these distinct practices in how your team operates.


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