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Invest in Lasting Relationships

When we approach our organizational decisions with a transactional mindset, we will get the same from our employees, customers, and our communities. To generate real loyalty--both inside the organization and out--we have to establish a foundation of connection and relationship. Only then will our employees, customers, and communities go above and beyond for us when we need it most.

How can we help?

Creation of employee social contracts

The old way of employee management was rooted in an unhealthy power dynamic, in which the organization dictated how everyone could and should (or more often, shouldn't) behave. Have you ever seen a healthy relationship operate this way? Neither have we. Instead, we help you find ways to engage in meaningful dialog and mutual accountability to bring out the best in all parties.

Shift from traditional performance metrics to trust-building metrics

Typical performance reviews focus only on our individual outputs, while ignoring our overall impact on the team and organizational environment. We take a more holistic approach, helping you identify the behaviors that support overall organizational health and finding ways to incentivize these behaviors as well. 

Prioritization of long-term relationship over short term transactions

If you've ever had a lasting friendship or meaningful relationship with someone, you know that it's a give and take. When we're just in it for what we can get out of it, the other party involved can always sense it, and typically responds in-kind. We help you flesh out ways for your employees, customers, and communities to see and feel your investment in them, so that they can feel great investing back into you. 

Enrolling stakeholders in key decisions

Not everything can be done by committee. However, not everything needs to be done through command-and-control methods either. In fact, the more we can enroll people into our decisions, the more invested they will feel in the process and outcomes. We help you find areas where buy-in is crucial and facilitate the conversations in ways that allow for new perspectives, swift action, and brighter possibilities. 

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