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Clarify Your Purpose

Intentional Leadership Workshop

We make our best decisions when we have all of the necessary data. So, why do we so often leave our lives to chance and live simply by inertia?

overview & highlights

Most of us want to make a difference. We want to achieve greatness. But unless we spend time focusing on what these words truly mean in the context of our own lives, they will continue to be nothing more than big, vague, unachievable goals. 


When we have a clear picture of what the best version of ourselves looks like, we can connect and contribute more fully to the world around us, from things like our work, to our relationships, to our communities. When we're at our natural best, we are more fulfilled, more productive, healthier, and more innovative. This is obviously good for us personally, but it also makes a huge impact on those around us--especially as a leader.


This session is designed to help you identify what the best version of you looks like. What brings you the most satisfaction in your life? How do you show up for those around you when you’re at your natural best? What’s the legacy you want to build? 


We’ll explore all of these topics to help give you clarity around how you can live and lead more intentionally in all of the areas of your life so that you can flourish into the person you have the potential to be. 


Matt Dunsmoor

your facilitator

ideal group size

12-24 participants


available in half-day, one-day and two-day formats
also available in shorter formats virtually!


Articulate a Personal SOP

Throughout the session, we'll examine a combination of life experiences as well as values and goals to which you aspire. After we’ve explored these various data points and themes, you'll learn about the key parts of a truly catalyzing Statement of Purpose (SOP), focusing on "the Give and the Get.” Then? You’ll draft up your own SOP! (version 1.0, that is 😉) 


Allies on the Journey

While this session is available 1-on-1 with one of our facilitators, we highly encourage you to start this journey in a group or team. Over the course of the session, you will have intimate and insightful conversations centered around helping each other get clarity on what matters most to you. The connection that comes from digging into our stories lays the groundwork for strong bonds to form between people who may not have otherwise had the chance. Plus, when we start together, we are better able to support each other and even hold each other more accountable as we grow into our best selves!


Next Steps

Once you have your SOP, you’ll examine the impact that this could have your current lifestyle, make a game plan for what changes will generate the most important results, and put a stake in the ground on where you’re committing to start.

what people say

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to companies of any size. We found it to be a really good use of our time and have been able to put it to work for us. Thank you!"

—  Graham, teamvvork

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