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Hold Yourself Accountable

In today’s landscape, businesses often wield much more power than a single individual—whether that be due to having more resources, more connections, business-friendly legislation, or a bigger platform. With these advantages comes a responsibility to hold yourself to a higher standard than the bare minimum. That means being open and honest about how you’re conducting your business with those affected by it, taking responsibility for mistakes, and empowering employees, customers, communities, and stakeholders to keep you true to your word.

How can we help?

Increasing transparency

The internet age has the potential to be a double-edged sword. While we have a bigger megaphone than ever to share our points of pride with the world, the outside world also has a bigger window than ever into things we might not want to share behind the scenes. We help you identify ways to not only act within alignment to your values, but we find ways to increase transparency in impactful, responsible ways, resulting in higher levels of trust from your employees, customers, and communities. 

Creating powerful communication pipelines throughout the organization

In uncertain times, silence is scary. Our own narratives can easily take hold and spin out of control, which can wreak havoc on company culture. We help you get in healthy communication habits, both internally and externally, so that everyone can feel informed and included. 

Finding ways to take smart risks for the sake of employees 

There are many scenarios in which it feels like employees are put at odds with “the company.” Situations like pay negotiations, benefit structuring, and contract structuring often end up being difficult situations because organizations look at them as battles to be won rather than opportunities to reward/thank their people. We can help you design processes that begin shifting us out of the unhealthy "adversarial" mindset, into a healthier, cooperative mindset so that we can come to the table trusting that both sides are showing up in service of one another. 

Building robust feedback loops and implementation strategies

Feedback given once a year (or even a quarter) is outdated and often ineffective. Companies that hold themselves accountable to their purpose and values keep an open conversation with those who know them best about how they’re doing. We work with you to identify feedback frequency, substance, and strategy that fits your needs and brings out the best in your people.

Creating simple, respectful, effective grievance/dispute resolution pathways

The only way to truly understand when something is wrong/out of balance is to create the least amount of resistance for people to shine a light on it. A company holds itself accountable not only to the outside world, but internally amongst employees. If employees are showing up in unacceptable ways for each other--from the front lines all the way to the C-Suite--they must be held accountable. We help you create and hold the space where people feel empowered and safe to deliver potentially uncomfortable feedback to anyone at any time.

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