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Help us change the future of work as an Events Ally by landing new clients for workshops or keynotes and you can earn some extra cash, even while maintaining your current lifestyle!


perks of being an Events Ally
  • Your schedule is up to you
    We know that much of our happiness comes from our ability to control how we spend our time, and your happiness is one of our chief priorities. Do what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and goals! What's most important to us are the results you're driving and the value you're bringing to the overall team. 

  • Your location can be fluid

    As an experienced remote company, we know how to make remote-work...well, work! Whether you’re taking calls in Medellin, sending emails from Melbourne, or coordinating contracts in Chiang Mai, the ball is in your court—wherever that may be!

  • Experience building a startup alongside the founders 
    Have you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor of a new company? Here's your chance! Octopy is in full startup mode. If you really drive success in this role and are able to build enough sales demand, you'll have the opportunity to take on a larger role within the greater organization (if desired) as we scale!

  • Unlimited earning potential
    This role is commission-based, which means that you'll get out what you put into it. For every contract you bring fully to execution, you will get an above-market-standard percentage of full contract value. That way, no matter if you want to dive in and shoot for six-figures, or if you simply want to supplement the income you're making at your current job, you have maximum control of your earnings. 


your qualities
  • Passionate about improving workplaces all over the world
    We're here to give people the inspiration, education, and tools to build a better future of work. If that doesn't get you fired up, this isn't for you.


  • Positive mindset
    Doing outreach marketing can be tough, there's no way around it. You'll hear a lot of no's before you'll hear a yes. It takes a positive mindset to overcome those no's and make this role thrive!


  • Skilled writer

    You'll be writing a lot in this role's day-to-day accountabilities, especially as you’ll likely be initially contacting potential clients via email or LinkedIn. This requires a strong set of English writing skills.

  • Great interpersonal skills- both verbal & written

    In addition to written correspondence with current & potential clients, you'll also be expected to hop on the phone/Zoom with a client when the need arises. So having the ability to put people at ease through keeping the sales process pressure-free and conversational is a must.

  • Self-motivated

    We don't believe in micromanaging team members. If you're on the team, it's because we trust that you're going to use your time in the best interest of yourself and the team. Because of that, we're looking for people who don't need someone constantly checking up on them to get results.

  • Proactive Communicator

    This role will be the central point of coordinating dates, rates, contract info, etc. with the client as well as the internal team. Because of this, you'll need to be continually communicating with all necessary parties, to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information.


expected outcomes
  • Discovering potential clients via traditional and non-traditional channels (Phone calls, emails, LinkedIn messaging, Social Media channels, and in some cases, physical visits)

  • Researching new potential/untapped market opportunities

  • Contacting and following up with new and old leads

  • Coordinating with the Head of Customer Success to onboard new clients

  • Managing client relationships from outreach through contract completion

  • Coordinating contracts and logistics with clients and Head of Customer Success

  • Working with the Head of Customer Success to take your findings from talking with clients to inform our product strategy

  • Co-Designing a progression plan that makes sense for your goals and growth


Thanks for applying! We'll be in touch