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David Mead

Leadership Speaker and Facilitator

About David

We all deserve to experience great leadership. This is what propels David Mead to do the work he does. David began his career in corporate training in 2004. In 2009 he joined author Simon Sinek’s team. For the next 10 years, as the first of Simon’s “Igniters”, David helped share Simon’s simple, inspiring ideas through speaking and workshops to over 225 companies on 5 continents. 

During that time, in 2017, David took his years of practical experience and learning and co-authored, with Peter Docker and Simon Sinek, Find Your Why: a practical guide for discovering the WHY of an individual, team or organization. It has sold over 300,000 copies and is translated into 25 different languages.


In December 2019, David chose to step away from Simon’s team in order to step toward opportunities to take a more active role in guiding leaders and organizations to transform their cultures for the long-term. David believes that the responsibility of leadership belongs to all of us. In working with and observing organizations throughout his career, he has seen how the daily pursuit of pure, basic, human leadership leads not only to thriving cultures but to enhanced business results. 


While the topic of leadership can seem complex, David brings a relatable, human approach to his sessions that helps people connect with simple ideas and create positive change for themselves and those around them.


David earned an MBA in 2011. He concentrated his course work on Organizational Development as much as possible in order to be better equipped to help leaders create environments in which people feel connected to their work and in which people and organizations can thrive for the long-term.

what people are saying

"David’s work has had an amazing impact on us. I see evidence EVERY DAY that his material has lifted our performance as leaders and created its own momentum." 

—  Laura G. at Ultimate Software

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