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Improve Your Culture

Crafting Values

Designed for business units and organizations that want to draft a set of authentic values that drive their culture.

overview & highlights

So you have articulated your organization's Statement of Purpose—great! But a SOP isn't enough, no matter how good it is, because a purpose gives no guidelines for how employees should act in pursuit of that vision.

Your values are what give team members the immediate pathway towards executing on your purpose. They not only set the tone for your culture, but they also guide the way in which you approach product development, your relationship with your customers, and your hiring pipeline just to name a few. In this workshop, we look at who your team is at their very best and develop a list of action-oriented values that feel natural and meaningful.


Matt Dunsmoor

your facilitator

ideal group size

10-20 participants


available in half-day or full-day formats

also available in shorter formats virtually!


Shared context of the values

Values are most effective in context--meaning they need to make sense in bringing the best out of your team members, and they need to help you further your SOP. We'll explore the relationship between your purpose, your products, and your values to make a cohesive map of your potential!


Define a set of values and implementation ideas

Your team will leave the day with a list of shared values framed in action-oriented language. Once the values are articulated, we will spend time going through various parts of your organization that could be affected and brainstorm ways to bring the values to life in each area. 


Unity in values and messaging

Over the course of the day, your team members will share personal experiences, both here and in other teams, that have shaped how they can best show up. Through a series of thought-provoking questions and meaningful conversations, you will be well equipped to communicate the values to your clients, new hire, potential customers, and beyond!

what people say

"Matt has a great speaking presence – he put everyone in the room at ease from the start and we were able to dive in and be productive immediately – it was a great investment of a full day workshop!"

—  Amy, tempur sealy international

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