Prioritize Well-Being

Revenue is good. It is the fuel that allows us to continue building our businesses and provide for ourselves and others. However, when companies are willing to sacrifice the well-being and health of employees, customers, communities, and other stakeholders in the name of generating a profit, they have lost sight of why businesses exist in the first place--which is to solve problems on behalf of people, not in spite of them.

How can we help?

Clarifying your purpose

The old mentality of, “Work is just a means to an end,” no longer cuts it. We all want to feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves, eliciting a sense of fulfillment from our work. We help you put words around what truly matters about the work that you're doing, so that you can be more intentional with how you operationalize your impact. 

Implementing values-driven decision-making and an intentional culture

Too often, companies aren’t intentional about building their company culture. They focus so much on performance that they undermine its very foundation by burning their people out, and in the process they lose institutional knowledge, waste resources in recruiting and training, and often tarnish their reputation with potential employees. The companies that thrive in the long-term focus on developing their culture around explicit, thought-out values that put them in the best place to execute on their purpose. We help you articulate meaningful values and principles in a way that breeds accountability. And once we've done that, we help you redesign your systems and processes in a way that reflects those values. 

Re-evaluating benefits, attendance, vacation, and scheduling policies

A healthy, happy employee is a supremely effective and productive employee. This means that we need to support their lives beyond the walls and projects of work with things like required time away, mental and physical wellness support programs, flexible scheduling policies, and benefits that are focused on creating healthier people instead of things that sound cool or are trendy. We help you sort through what policies and procedures might benefit from being redesigned in a more thoughtful way. 

Creating an environment of healthy work/life integration

The old adages of “work hard, play hard(er)” and “achieve work-life balance” imply that work is not fun nor is it a part of life, but rather that it is somehow the opposite of it. By honoring the needs and wants of your employees, we can help you make the experience of work one that has a positive impact on the aspects of life beyond it. Let's find ways to make the work experience a generative one that isn’t just about taking from the employees, but rather, giving to them as well. 

Our other core tenets:

Honor Your Individuals

Build for the

Hold Yourself Accountable