Honors the individual

Companies are not made of employees, they’re made of people: unique, complex individuals that have the power to make a huge impact when they thrive. Our role as organizations is to create the conditions in which our team members can truly thrive. 

What does it look like?

Embraces physical distribution

We are continuing to move our way to a new norm of working: one in which team members and companies are no longer concentrated in one physical location or even one single country. We are in an age here now, team members may never even meet each other face-to-face, outside of video or voice calls. This means that we need systems and processes that reflect such an evolution. 

Has customized progression pathways

These days, one-size-fits-all is no longer a viable option--especially when it comes to how we grow our team members. Every person has a unique set of needs, desires, and interests, and to help them truly unlock their maximum potential, we must help them create the growth path that best serves them, not just what we think makes sense for our business. 

Tailored/accommodating scheduling vs. standardized-only approaches

The days, times, and ways that I best work may very well not be the same as everyone else. People have kids, pets, second jobs, religious holidays, national traditions, hobbies, family obligations, etc. that shape their availability, and as long as they are getting their work done and can find ways to be visible on the team, it’s crucial that we respect and embrace their uniqueness so that they can truly thrive.

Fluid/adaptable organizational structures

The old hierarchy doesn’t work. There was a time and a place where it was the best available option, but in an age where information can get transmitted in less time than it takes to blink an eye, we need more responsive, adaptive organizational structures. Waiting to “run it up the chain” slows us down unnecessarily and worse, it disempowers our employees. It’s time to tap into the collective intelligence of our people and rethink the way we build, organize, and run our teams.

Focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion

To truly care for humans means not just embracing those things that we have in common, but to celebrate and honor the ways that we are each unique. As our global perspectives continue to expand, seeking out different experiences and points of view from our own is increasingly crucial to our success.

Encourages individuality and respect for different cultures via flexible dress code

Just like the fact that we each have different needs for the ways, days, and times we work, the way that we dress has a major impact on how we feel working as well. The days of “business dress” are melting away, and with so many cross-cultural teams developing, it’s important to give team members the ability to decide how they feel most comfortable and productive. Additionally, this is important while respecting different cultures and faiths, as many of them have unique traditions and expectations with regard to how their practitioners dress.

Our other core tenets:

Places well-being over profits

Prioritizes longevity over short-term goals

Holds itself accountable

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