Core tenets

of a Human-Focused Organization

At Octopy, we talk a lot about creating a more human-focused future of work. So what exactly makes an organization “human-focused” and why is it important? 

We’ve identified four core tenets of organizations that can be considered truly human-focused, as well as some of the behavioral indicators of each: 

Honors the individual

Companies are not made of employees, they’re made of people: unique, complex individuals that have the power to make a huge impact when they thrive. Our role as organizations is to create the conditions in which our team members can truly thrive. 

Places well-being over profits

Revenue is good. It is the fuel that allows us to continue building our businesses and provide for ourselves and others. However, when companies are willing to sacrifice the well-being and health of employees, customers, communities, and other stakeholders in the name of generating a profit, they have lost sight of why businesses exist in the first place—which is to solve problems on behalf of people, not in spite of them.

Prioritizes longevity over short-term goals

The goal of any leader in an organization should be to build something that outlasts us and serves people for generations to come. To do this effectively means recognizing that what may be an appealing short-term benefit actually harms the business in the long-run. This includes how you grow your team(s), treat your employees, customers, communities, and stakeholders, and stand firm to your purpose and values. So, setting benchmarks, KPIs, goals, etc. that reflect a long-term perspective over a reactive one is paramount.  

Holds itself accountable

In today’s landscape, businesses often wield much more power than a single individual—whether that be due to having more resources, more connections, business-friendly legislation, or a bigger platform. With these advantages comes a responsibility to hold yourself to a higher standard than the bare minimum. That means being open and honest about how you’re conducting your business with those affected by it, taking responsibility for mistakes, and empowering employees, customers, communities, and stakeholders to keep you true to your word.

Why is it important to be human-focused?

When an organization embodies these four core tenets: 1) Honors the individuals, 2) Placing well-being over profits, 3) Prioritizing longevity over short-term goals, and 4) Holding itself accountable, it lays the foundation to become a long-lasting, adaptable, industry-agnostic force of nature. These practices create an environment where employees are valued, whole, and productive, where customers are partners and feel invested in your organization, where communities have an incentive to support you in rough times, and where bright minds and talents collaborate to build a brighter future.

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