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What We Offer

Let's figure out the best tool for you and your team, together!

With all of our different preferences, styles, strengths, and areas for improvement, it’s important that our learning resources are as diverse as we are.
This is why all of our content can be delivered in
any format you choose!

Exploratory Sessions

While we do offer pre-built, standalone offerings like in-person and online interactive keynote speeches, workshops, and courses, our focus as an organization is to make real, lasting change on your team. To maximize our ability to do so, we'd love to sit down with you and talk about your current struggles, environment, goals, and general context so that we can co-create a plan that is custom-built for your team. Oh yeah, and this isn't an add-on. It's included with every workshop, keynote, or class that we sell. 

Asynchronous Learning

In a global workforce, it can be hard to get everyone to block off the same time for a workshop. (We're a fully remote team, so we know!) That's why all of the content that we teach can be crafted into a course-like experience for your team members, with elements like pre-recorded content, quizzes, discussion boards, and downloadable documents so that learning can fit around your busy schedules.

Self-Led Modules

There can be an advantage to having some conversations in-house rather than led by someone outside the team. Our facilitators can also put together self-led discussions for your team to have on your own. We'll even train an internal facilitator from your team so that they can more effectively lead these conversations!

Live Workshops & Keynotes

Ranging anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours in length, our facilitators are here to teach, inspire, and equip your team members with fresh perspectives and tools to make a more human-focused culture at your organization. We will walk your team through these concepts in a live, interactive format that balances content delivery with engaging conversations and Q&A, designed around your schedule and specific needs!

1-on-1 Coaching

Sometimes, individual checkpoints with our facilitators and coaches create a more accessible space for team members to dive deep into their individual context and challenges. Book 1-on-1 coaching (available to book a la carte or in blocks for your team to share) so that your crew can open up and go wherever they need to!

Open Office Hours

These are open-format discussions & ideation sessions create the space for team members and facilitators to talk tactics and problem solving with real-world challenges they’re experiencing on their leadership journeys.
These are a great complement to our live workshops/keynotes and courses to really dive into how these principles apply to your unique context and challenges. 

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