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Build for the Long-Term

The goal of any leader in an organization should be to build something that outlasts us and serves people for generations to come. To do this effectively means recognizing that what may be an appealing short-term benefit actually harms the business in the long-run. This includes how you grow your team(s), treat your employees, customers, communities, and stakeholders, and stand firm to your purpose and values. So, setting benchmarks, KPIs, goals, etc. that reflect a long-term perspective over a reactive one is paramount.  

How can we help?

Finding people-first budget solutions

These days, it has become common practice that during times of economic hardship, the first place companies look to cut costs is by minimizing their workforce. While this solution may be the “easy” way to minimize strain on the bottom line, it sends a clear message to the outside world (as well as the people still remaining in the organization) that we would rather sacrifice people so that we can preserve operations as they are instead of changing the way that we operate to preserve our people. We'll work with you to find a path forward that prioritizes your team members in powerful ways, both motivating and inspiring them to not only show up that same way for your customers, but to show up this way for each other as well.

Investing in retention and people development
(both personally and professionally)

Many organizations today see “people development” as simply helping their employees learn new skills and get certifications that will directly benefit the business. While this may seem like a generous move because it could potentially help the employee get another job if they leave the company, it completely ignores the fact that this is a human being that wants to grow in ways that may not immediately impact the bottom line. We help you find opportunities to support the personal growth of your employees, which in turn, can bring out more passion, fulfillment, and dedication from each team member. And who knows, maybe you'll discover a pool of existing talent in your organization that could save you from hiring even more employees!

Focusing on intentional, sustainable growth

What gets measured gets done...sometimes to our own detriment. If you ask many organizations today what their goals are, growth is almost always on the list. When we ask why it is, however, the answer is often unclear. Growth is merely a tool that allows you to positively impact the lives of more people; but when growth becomes the ends rather than the means, employees, customers, and communities usually end up paying the price. We help clarify your priorities and goals, so that you can approach growth in a healthy, sustainable way, setting yourself up for a much more stable organizational environment--even through uncertain times. 

Prioritizing environmental impact in operating practices

There can be long-term companies if we don’t have a long-term planet. With all of the data available to inform us about our environmental impacts as well as the vast amounts of talent and innovation for eco-friendly solutions, it’s more important than ever to be focusing on your company’s footprint and how it could be affecting future generations on this planet. We can help you identify potential areas that you could be doing better in the name of sustainability.

Exploring innovative, customized operating structures

The old hierarchy doesn’t work. There was a time and a place where it was the best available option, but in an age where information can get transmitted in less time than it takes to blink an eye, we need more responsive, adaptive organizational structures. We help you explore potential new ways of organizing your people and operations to tap into their collective intelligence and rethink the way you build, organize, and run your teams.

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