about us

We envision a world where people work for companies because they become a more whole and fulfilled version of themselves as a result of their work experiences and cultures.
A world where our workplaces energize and excite us, rather than deplete us.
A world where we join a team so that we can make an impact and grow, as opposed to working solely for the pay, benefits, and/or title. 

our vision

how we're working to create this future

We provide companies and leaders with human-focused guidance and tools, so that they are empowered to build their dreams in an equitable and fulfilling way for all who are involved.

why we care

With as much time, focus, and energy (both physical and emotional) as we spend at our jobs, the companies for which we work have a massive opportunity to impact our lives--for better or worse. Our current reality is full of research and data that all point to one thing: The way we currently approach working, well… it isn’t working. 


For decades, businesses have operated off of models and frameworks that primarily benefited the select few, reducing the rest of us to cogs in a larger machine. We transitioned away from being coworkers and friends into numbers on a spreadsheet and titles in an org chart. Because of this approach, the idea that work and workplaces should be dehumanizing has become widely accepted and normalized. We reject the idea that work has to be this way.  

At Octopy, we asked ourselves, “What needs to happen to make sure that our professional journeys have a net-positive effect on our lives far beyond simply being able to pay our bills and provide for our families? Can we build company cultures so strong and human-focused that we become better versions of ourselves simply by being a part of them? How can we engineer such environments?” 

There is undoubtedly a major opportunity to improve the overall quality of life for every person around the globe (even those who aren’t working, as their lives are most certainly impacted in some way by people who are working) by creating a new, more human modern workplace.

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meet the team

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matt dunsmoor

Colorado, USA


Chief Vision Officer


cassie gonzales

Toronto, Canada

Head of Design

justin plants

justin kraut

Virginia, USA

Chief Operations Officer, Legal Advisor


malik benabdallah

Zurich, Switzerland



paul walker

Georgia, USA

Head of Organic Content


jonathan sanborn

Massachusetts, USA

Head of Accounting, 

BQ Advisors

meet our speakers and facilitators


matt dunsmoor

Colorado, USA

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach

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alicia snyder

Nevada, USA

Facilitator and Coach

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aisha rodrigue

Cancun, Mexico

Facilitator and Coach

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david mead

Utah, USA

Speaker, Facilitator,
and Coach

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paul walker

Georgia, USA

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator,
and Coach

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laura gallaher

Florida, USA

Speaker, Facilitator,
and Coach

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