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Our Vision

We envision a world where people become more whole and fulfilled versions of themselves as a result of their work experiences and cultures. 


A world where our workplaces energize and excite us, rather than deplete us.


A world where our teams make an impact and fuel growth not only in product, services, and for our clients, but also for each of us and the greater community as well. 

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Our Principles


  • We assume positive intent

  • We are mindful & inclusive

  • We build each other up

  • We remember to laugh along the way

Why We Care

For decades, businesses have operated under the assumption that the most important things a business should focus on are productivity, efficiency, and growth--even at the cost of taking care of your people. This has led to a workplace environment where employees are disengaged, unhappy, and consistently experiencing burnout, which ironically, has negatively impacted productivity, efficiency, and growth. 


While many people have come to the conclusion that "that's just how things are," at Octopy, we don't agree. We believe we can change the narrative. 


For years, our team has asked ourselves, “How could we design a workplace that actually gives employees a sense of purpose and belonging? How might we help build company cultures and leaders so human-focused that employees become better versions of themselves? And how can we do all of this while still improving bottom-line performance?” 

There is a lot of research out there to help us answer these questions. A few important findings are:

  1. Humans are wired for connection 

  2. Investing in developing your internal leaders pays massive dividends

  3. When we empower, trust, and take care of our people, they take care of the bottom line

We're excited to continue to change the narrative and work with organizations and individuals around the globe to make work a better experience for all. 

Meet Our Team


matt dunsmoor

Colorado, USA

Co-Founder, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator


paul walker

Georgia, USA

Co-Founder, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

image0 (3).jpeg

jean larkin

Mallorca, Spain

Co-Founder, Trainer, Facilitator

IMG_2848 8x10_edited.jpg

david mead

Utah, USA

Co-Founder, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator


aisha rodrigue

Cancun, Mexico

Co-Founder, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator


laura gallaher

Florida, USA

Co-Founder, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator

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