about us

We envision a world where work is a source of fulfillment for the majority and not just the select few. 

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With the amount of time, energy, and emotion that we invest in our jobs, the potential impact of creating fulfilling workplaces across the world could truly transform the quality of life for billions of people.


Octopy was founded by a group of optimists with one mission: To create a more human-focused future of work.


We do that through inspiring leaders to make a change with our workshops and keynotes and then giving them the tools to implement and sustain those changes in the form of innovative processes, customized tools, software products, and more. 

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meet the team


matt dunsmoor

Colorado, USA


Chief Vision Officer


cassie gonzales

Toronto, Canada

Head of Design

justin plants

justin kraut

Virginia, USA

Chief Operations Officer, Legal Advisor


paul walker

Georgia, USA

Head of Organic Content


jean larkin

Palma de Mallorca, España

Head of Growth


jonathan sanborn

Nevada, USA

Head of Accounting, 

BQ Advisors

meet our speakers and facilitators


matt dunsmoor

Colorado, USA

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach

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aisha rodrigue

Cancun, Mexico

Facilitator and Coach

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kimberly ming

Colorado, USA

Speaker and Facilitator

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laura gallaher

Florida, USA

Speaker, Facilitator,
and Coach

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paul walker

Georgia, USA

Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator,
and Coach

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