Octopy exists to help you develop an organizational culture that embodies its values and purpose while giving your employees what they need to truly thrive.

Read more about the Core Tenets of becoming a human-focused organization to see how we can help! 

Why Octopy?



We are big believers in meeting people where they’re at, as each team member and organization is unique. That's why we have several options when it comes to how we can work together--whether that’s the platform (live in-person or online sessions, or evergreen class modules where people can take it at their own pace), the group dynamic (facilitator-to-group, large group discussions, or 1-to-1 coaching), or the content itself (we custom-build nearly every product that comes out of the door based on your needs, audience, and desired outcomes). Check out our Services page for more details, and let’s build you your dream program! 

Holding Hands Up High


Everything we preach, we practice. The Core Tenets are not something that we just profess to clients, but they are things that we are constantly working to bring to life ourselves. We work hard to bring lived experience and expertise into each client relationship, and if we’re not quite there yet in some areas, we’re working tirelessly to remedy that. We can empathize with organizations trying to shift their operations because we have been (or are currently in) your shoes!  

Working Together on Project


Our culture and client relationships are informed by our Octopy Embodiments. These are the values and principles that each Octopode has committed to embodying throughout their behavior both behind the scenes and out in the public eye. Check them out to see if you align! 



Our team was born virtual, working across multiple continents and cultures. Our team members have worked at and with some of the most influential companies across multiple industries, as well as fledgling startups just trying to get off the ground. Chances are if you’re feeling it, we’ve probably experienced it firsthand or with a different client as well. Let’s learn and grow together!

Our facilitators have worked with leaders and organizations in:







what people are saying

"I had very little in terms of expectations for how the workshop was going to be run and had only heard "you have to do this workshop, it's amazing!" After completing the workshop, I can confirm that it is in fact amazing, but also a serious introspective look on yourself. Be prepared to get a little emotional, but in the end, you leave with a purpose statement, which will be uplifting and guiding. Can't thank Matt enough for taking us through this experience and for being an awesome facilitator with great insights!" 

—  Sara, Programs Manager at Remote Year