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At a time where things feel more digitized and automated than ever, people are looking for a more human experience at work. And achieving that as an organization might be easier than you think!

Octopy exists to support you in developing an organizational culture that truly embodies its values and purpose while giving your employees what they need to truly thrive.

Improve Your Culture

Tired of spending extra $$ on unused benefits and other temporary incentives to help enhance your “Company Culture?” Get intentional and build the culture you actually want.

Get the Ball Rolling

Get your team members engaged and involved with designing new possibilities with one of our engaging workshops or talks. Want to test the waters yourself, first? No problem! We offer one-on-one coaching options as well, so that you can explore if we're a fit for your team and goals!

Spark Inspiration

Have an event coming up like a conference, all-hands meeting, or retreat? Let us help you get your team excited and focused for the future! 

How Do You Become A Human-Focused Organization?

  • Honor Your Individuals

    Your employees are all unique and can bring so much more to the table, as long as you allow them to do so.

  • Prioritize

    While profits are important, your people are your greatest asset. Make certain you're taking care of them!

  • Build for the Long-Term

    When we get caught up in a short-term mindset, we often lose our way and act out of alignment with our purpose and values.

  • Invest in Lasting Relationships

    On a foundation of lasting connection amongst your employees, customers, and communities, your team can go farther. 

  • Hold Yourself Accountable

    Finding ways to embody your purpose and values creates an authentic link between your organization and your stakeholders.

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